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Most of the firearms discussed in this report were manufactured between the years 1930 and 1980. 133 However, until 1996, only NFA-regulated firearms were required to have a serial number. 134 At that time, the Gun Control Act of 1994 included regulations to track the import and export of semiautomatic handguns and shotguns. 135 These regulations were designed to prevent terrorist nations, rogue states, and organized crime syndicates from exploiting a legal loophole for the unrestricted import of handguns to attain military-grade weapons. 136 The regulations required all such weapons to be purchased by the importer through a licensed gun dealer; they also required a firearms-related business to report the transfer of any such weapon to ATF within 24 hours of the transaction. 137 The Gun Control Act of 1968, which was enacted in response to drug trafficking, provided additional restrictions on gun manufacturers and dealers by requiring them to report imports and sales of firearms to the Treasury Department; this was the first time that a law included criminal penalties for noncompliance. 138 Subsequently, the Gun Control Act of 1968 was modified in an effort to streamline law enforcement access to gun purchase records, leading to the passage of amendments to Title III of the 1968 Gun Control Act, known as the Brady Bill, in 1993. 139 However, while ATF was given more latitude to access records and track weapons, the new Federal Records Act of 1970 was adopted to prevent ATF from requiring gun dealers to create records on the sale of guns. 140 The Brady Bill mandated extensive training requirements for private sellers who wished to transfer firearms to buyers, and in 1996, the background check system was upgraded to include trace requests to locate lost and stolen guns, which had previously been limited to those stolen by law enforcement. 141 While this change added to the complexity of the record-keeping process for firearms dealers, there has been no associated increase in crime as there is no federally mandated transfer tax on firearms. 142

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