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Gillian Welch Live And Obscure Rar

"'Dystopian suburbia' is the kind of vibe I had in mind when making this song. It's been pretty cool because I like that weird, corporate overtone of this entity that owns the village if you would. I just imagine what that would be like while roughly composing the song with of course the vocal accoutrement of Ms. Skylar Grey. She's an amazing talent to work with and she just nailed the lyrics." Look for the song to be available as a single on deadmau5' label mau5trap soon.Of the soundtrack, composer GREGORY REVERET says, "I wanted to explore and push the boundaries from the earlier sounds of the franchise while delivering a fun, action-packed score that would give fans something they could really enjoy and have fun with. The thematic material needed to be bold, to really serve as a continuous thread between the two timelines in the story. I bought this obscure lab/test-equipment that was originally used in NASA laboratories and is not really supposed to make music, but it sounds really interesting and alive. It gave the music a cool industrial edge and eventually became a main feature of the score. Much of the story is based in my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, so I also worked with local musicians and recorded a South African orchestra, which is something I'm very proud of."

Gillian Welch Live And Obscure Rar


Does Anybody Know I'm Here?: Vietnam Through the Eyes of Black America 1962-1972 [Kent, 2005]It's striking how deeply name artists and obscure strivers alike feel a war whose racial inequities they know in their bones. In order of appearance, my top half dozen picks on volume two are Tony Mason's "Take Good Care" ("Sometimes lying close to the dead"), the Temptations' "War" ("Friend only to the undertaker"), Melverine Thomas's "A Letter From My Son" ("'You know Evelyn who lives down the street?/I want you to tell her to meet me at our same old hideout'"), Inez & Charlie Foxx's "Vaya Con Dios/Fellows in Vietnam" ("And just like babies snatched from their mothers' arms/You give them a gun and you tell them to shoot/And I mean kill"), Martha and the Vandellas' "I Should Be Proud" ("He wasn't fighting for me/He didn't have to die for me/He was fighting for the evils of society"), and Funkadelic's "March to the Witch's Castle" ("For others, the real nightmare has just begun/The nightmare of readjustment"). B+ 350c69d7ab


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