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Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design: Workin... ((EXCLUSIVE))

Warm those fingers and toes! Sock- and glove-making teach more knitting skills than any other type of project. Plus, these projects are small and easy-to-carry around and won't make your lap too hot during a San Antonio heat wave.

Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design: Workin...

Intro to EntrelacCost: $35 plus supplies (class supplies qualify for a 10% discount)Supplies: Worsted weight yarn, preferably self-striping with long color runs such as Noro Silk Garden or Kuryeon and size 6 or 7 straight or circular needles.Prerequisites: Intermediate wanting to build skillsTeacher: WendyTime: Two sessionsIt looks like strips of knitting woven together... But it's not. It's one layer worked as small triangles and rectangles and joined by Knitter Magic! Wendy will teach YOU the magic in this class! It's not nearly as hard as it looks!Click here to request this class! 041b061a72


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