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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading GIFs from Instagram Videos, Reels, and Stories

Try our Premium feature to download the whole Instagram profiles with all media files. We will monitor all content updates and save them in your Inflact profile. Later, you can download files as an archive.

download instagram gif

If you love creating GIFs or you want to download GIF from Instagram, this article is full of different ways you can perform this action. You can use any of the above-mentioned Instagram GIF downloader to download and convert any video from Instagram to GIF at any time you would like.

If you see a GIF online that you like and decide that you want to keep it, you can download the GIF to your computer or phone just as you would download an image file. Follow the below steps to do so:

So these were the various ways to download and save a GIF from different sources and share them on your social media profiles to entertain your audience or communicate with your family/friends. To make your day-to-day social media activities easy, schedule LinkedIn posts with GIFs on profiles and company pages with RecurPost.

A free app that allows users to download videos and photos from Instagram stories. Users can download the images from the stories of users they follow. The app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. It takes just a few taps to download a video.

Instagram is one of the most popular videos and photo-sharing social network services. With so many amazing or funny GIF among Instagram, you might want to download GIF from Instagram. In this article, there is an effective way to download videos from Instagram as GIF.

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If somebody was looking for an efficient tool, which can save a lot of time and energy, IOTransfer will be the answer. IOTransfer, as a professional and user-friendly video downloader, it can help you with free online download videos in an efficient way.

Step 3. Click on Import Media Files to open the file explorer, then browse for the target folder that contains the downloaded Instagram video, select it and click the Open. And drag the video to the timeline.

One problem I noticed is that while I can post an animated MP4, simply downloading an MP4 animation from Procreate to my iPhone makes it very blurry, which is frustrating. Is there a way to stop the MP4 from becoming blurry in the first place?

To post a GIF on Instagram, download the GIPHY app, then log in. Find the GIF you want to share, then tap the paper airplane button to open sharing options. Within sharing options, press the Instagram button, then share the GIF to either your Chats, Feed, or Stories.

Step 4. After the GIF file being generated, now you will be on another page, where you can download the converted GIF file. Or you can also do more, like directly sharing it through Facebook and Twitter, embedding it, and opening it in Kapwing Studio for more edits.

If you want to take them in your pocket, the solution would be downloading the Instagram video by some Instagram downloader, and then uploading it to those tools. It works smoothly. However, if you did the job like that, why not just take the VideoProc Converter method directly?

-Copy the Reel link. To do this, tap on the three dots at the top of the video and scroll down to copy the link.-Paste the copied link into the download field provided in the third-party app.-Next, tap on the download button and the Reel video will be saved in the downloaded files folder in your Andriod device.

It's easy and fast to save a Instagram video with the Circleboom Instagram video downloader. As a Social Media account management tool, Circleboom is always in compliance with the policies; you can use the Circleboom Instagram video downloader without any safety concerns.

Most Instagram users search to find out How to save Instagram videos, IGTV, and reels to share individually instead of sending an Instagram link or reposting it. Circleboom, as a Social media Account management tool, has developed the most intuitive and robust Instagram video downloader for all social media users in mind.

The best way to download Instagram video files is to use one tool in your browser rather than installing several extensions/plugins to your browsers. Here are a few simple steps to download any publicly available Instagram videos on your computer.

ImgPlay is a GIF maker app for iPhone and iPad devices. In addition, it also has a search engine tool that you can use to download GIFs on your phone. Like GIPHY, you can use this app to share GIFs on Instagram or other social platforms. Here is the step-by-step process on how to post a GIF on Instagram from iPhone using ImgPlay.

Remember that GIFs are not supported on Instagram! If you're trying to share a GIF on Instagram, download it as a MP4 file instead. If your GIF file is too large, try setting a custom size to make it have a smaller resolution. Click "Edit" to go back and make additional changes.

We have created a collection of digital downloads for offered and accepted students. Show off your Hokie Pride by downloading this Swag Pack and use them on your own social media. Don't forget the #hashtags!

Whether you're brand new to the Spider Family or a dedicated alum, we have a feeling you love to sport your Red and Blue. So we wanted to give you another easy way to let everyone know you're a Spider! Check out our GIF library for Instagram, and download any of the images below to use them on your social media profiles, phones, and desktop backgrounds.

The usage of GIFs is as simple as that of emojis. You need to choose the right GIFs that you find perfect for the situation and just share them. Using GIFs does not require any download or installation.

There are a large number of GIF-making platforms. Some are based on web-based services. And some may be downloaded as applications or software on your device. These platforms not only help to create new GIFs but edit the existing ones the way you want.

The GIF editor features of Descript lets you add engaging captions, resize videos, or add transitions. It helps you come up with GIFs that are perfectly sized for different social media platforms. It is an app you can download and use for free.

Movavi Video Converter is a downloadable video converter app that can run on both Windows and Mac devices. You can download and try it out for free, and it supports both video and audio conversion in a range of formats, including GIF and MOV, so it's an ideal app to use when you need to transform some GIF files into MOV format for sharing, editing, or playing on different devices.

The first step of converting from GIF to MOV on Mac or PC with Movavi Video Converter is to download the program itself. Once the installation file has been downloaded, open it and run the installation process, following the on-screen instructions to set up the software.

Once you've downloaded and installed the GIF-to-MOV converter, you'll be ready to open the program and add your files, ready for conversion. To do this, click on the Add Media button in the top left corner and choose Add Images. You can then browse through the folders and drives on your device to find the files you want to convert or simply drag and drop the necessary files onto the program window. Remember that Movavi Video Converter supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple files at the same time if you like.

Hello, I've tried an endless combination of Photoshop export settings for my animated gif and no matter what, when I upload the video to Instagram it looks terrible. I've never really encountered this before with other gifs on non-CC versions of Photoshop. I've tried saving for web and then using GiphyCam app to make the movie file (also ruins it), and I've tried 'render video' from Photoshop. It looks fine on my phone but then Instagram makes it all fuzzy. The canvas is the standard 1080x1080 instagram size. Do I need to rasterize all my layers first?


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