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Danger Forever !!BETTER!!

Called "forever chemicals" because they fail to break down easily in the environment, PFAS has leached into the nation's drinking water via public water systems and private wells. The chemicals then accumulate in the bodies of fish, shellfish, livestock, dairy and game animals that people eat, experts say.

Danger Forever

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Chemists at UCLA and Northwestern University have developed a simple way to break down almost a dozen types of these nearly indestructible "forever chemicals" at relatively low temperatures with no harmful byproducts.

Companies have used and continue to use per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in a variety of products for decades. Dubbed forever chemicals for their persistence in the environment, most early attention on human exposure focused on drinking water. But contamination within the food system has become a more urgent concern. Farmers are finding their soils are contaminated due to past applications of sewage sludge as fertilizer. Last year, a Civil Eats investigation found three sources of PFAS in pesticides that are sprayed on crops around the country. And evidence has been mounting that PFAS in waterways have been building up in fish.

Celebrate the joy of a perfectly executed shot to the groin as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the gang return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd and often dangerous displays of stunts and comedy.

As per a study published on Wednesday (22 February) in Environmental Health Perspectives, forever chemicals disrupt several key biological processes, including the metabolism of fats and amino acids, in children and young adults, reported The Hill.

If the second variant takes place and the imperialists invade Cuba with the aim of occupying it, the dangers of their aggressive policy are so great that after such an invasion the Soviet Union must never allow circumstances in which the imperialists could carry out a nuclear first strike against it.

I tell you this because I believe that the imperialists' aggressiveness makes them extremely dangerous, and that if they manage to carry out an invasion of Cuba -- a brutal act in violation of universal and moral law -- then that would be the moment to eliminate this danger forever, in an act of the most legitimate self-defense. However harsh and terrible the solution, there would be no other.

But what about those who aspire to key leadership positions who have been inspired by Trump? Will they perpetuate this new model of dangerous leadership without understanding that the potential fallout could be viral and spread to their organizations and employees?

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Perishing means wrath; it means fiery torment; it meansseparation from God; and it lasts forever. Now I tell you thisplainly as a warning to flee from the wrath of God to the love ofGod through the door of Jesus Christ. This is an awesome moment forus in this service. Because what this moment means is that any ofus who stands before the throne of judgment unbelieving will not beable to say to the Lord, "Nobody ever told me what was at stake."The Lord will say, "On December 4, 1994, at Bethlehem Baptist Churchin Minneapolis, I appointed you to be there and I appointed myservant John Piper to warn you. You were there and he did warnyou."

John Newton, who was born in 1725 and became a sea captain andslave trader and generally perverse rebel against God, was broughtto faith in Christ through a series of fearful dangers that shockedhim into spiritual seriousness, and made him take heaven and hellseriously. He almost shipwrecked. And while God was dealing withhim after that, he was in Londonderry, Ireland, hunting:

The week in which Jews throughout the world celebrate Purim is a time for recalling the danger our people faced when a Persian enemy threatened to destroy all the Jews in 127 kingdoms of Achashveirosh. It is also a time for reflecting on the danger facing Jews in Israel because of the threat posed by a modern version of Haman feverishly working to achieve nuclear capability.

PFAS/PFOS chemicals are forever chemicals. We have no idea how to get them out of ground water, where they are increasingly showing up as a result of spills from the many manufacturers who use them for waterproofing, stain proofing, fire proofing, etc. etc.

Thank you for the article! But Silicone is also potentially dangerous. Silicon dioxide used as an anti caking agent in food has been shown to cause autoimmune diseases. Are there any plain papers that use only natural ingredients?

The work of our nation's law enforcement officers and the risks that they take gounappreciated. However, the nation as a whole recently received a painful reminder ofthe sacrifices that our Peace Officers make in the line of duty when an armed gunmaninvaded our Nation's Capitol- the very heart of our Democracy- and gunned down twovaliant officers. Officer Chestnut and Detective Gibson did not retreat in the face ofdanger, they stood their ground and sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others. They acted with courage and valor and were true to their oath until the very end. Though they were unspeakably brave, they were not unique. Because of where theydied their acts received national attention- the attention they deserved. But others whoalso paid the ultimate price were equally brave and equally deserving of that kind ofattention. And that is why we are here today: to say, as a nation, "thank you".

Thanks to the courage and commitment of the individuals forever inscribed intothe hallowed walls of the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial, and of all theother law enforcement personnel across the nation, crime rates have fallen for sevenconsecutive years, and the rate of violent crime and murder are at their lowest point in ageneration. All levels of law enforcement deserve credit for making our neighborhoodssafer places for our children, but we know that we will never completely eliminate crime. Indeed, low crime rates and statistics offer little solace to those of us hereremembering a lost loved-one, or to the residents of Littleton, Colorado, who havesuffered so greatly in recent weeks. To these victims violent crime is very real and very painful. Therefore, we must press forward in the fight against crime, and it will be you,our nation's law enforcement officers, who will continue to sacrifice by valiantlyoccupying the front-lines in the day-to-day battles of this war. For this, America owesyou a continuing deep debt of gratitude.

Across the country, there are over 700,000 law enforcement officers. These areindividuals who are hard-working public servants who do a dangerous job justly andfairly, with excellence and with honor. They are worthy of our praise. But we mustnever forget that they are able to do their jobs because of the love and support theyreceive from their families and loved ones who also mus pay a price. These peoplealso sacrifice- not truly knowing that at the end of every day if husbands, wives, fathers,mothers, sons, daughters will return to them. To those people who serve as thefoundation, the base upon which any good law enforcement career is based- to thosepeople let me, on behalf of a grateful American people, also say "thank you" to you aswell. We also honor you today.

To honor the memory of those who have fallen, we must push forward and takethe necessary steps that will reduce the risks that our law enforcement officers faceeveryday. Time and time again they have been gunned down. Last year alone, oversixty-five law enforcement officers were shot in the line of duty. Quite simply, we musttake guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and others who should not possessfirearms. There is no doubt that restrictions on access to guns would have savedinnocent lives last year. I am not naive, however. Restricting access to guns, by itself,will not solve all of this problem and so when it comes to restricting access to guns, Iask America only to do that which is reasonable. And if implementing accessregulations makes it slightly more inconvenient for law-abiding citizens to obtainfirearms so that others might live isn't this reasonable? If filling out additionalpaperwork or waiting for a background check to be completed is needed to savesomeone's life, isn't this reasonable? In light of the recent school shootings and in thememory of those that we are honoring today, I hope that you will support the reasonable restrictions on the purchase and transfer of guns that we are fighting for.

I know that nothing can be said today to undo any tragedies or to bring backyour friends and loved ones, and there is nothing that can be said to erase the pain thattheir deaths have caused. However, as we join together to remember their passing,please know that you are not alone. May you feel the embrace of those around youwho mourn with you, and also feel the embrace of a grateful nation. As we go forthfrom this place and return to our everyday lives, please also know that we will foreverremember that these law enforcement officers made the ultimate sacrifice on ourbehalf. They gave their lives so that we might lead better lives. To truly honor them wemust do all that we can to make better still the lives of those most in need. 041b061a72


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