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How To Bring Your 2 Node S2D Cluster Back Up When Witnes Share Is Gone ^HOT^

We now also explicitly block the use of a DFS Namespaces share as a location. Adding a file share witness to a DFS share can cause stability issues for your cluster, and this configuration has never been supported. We added logic to detect if a share uses DFS Namespaces, and if DFS Namespaces is detected, Failover Cluster Manager blocks creation of the witness and displays an error message about not being supported.

How to bring your 2 node S2D cluster back up when witnes share is gone

The IP plan is just as a normal machine it needs a IP and you will need a cluster IP, there is no difficulty here. the Extra cluster Components needs a IP. based on the same range as your cluster nodes.

In a 2-node Hyper-V failover cluster where the VMs are balanced between both nodes for performance sake (half on each), when the first FSW is removed (immediately before configuring the new one), will the cluster crash, i.e. should I stop all roles on both nodes before switching the FSW?

Continuous Availability (CA) will mask the movement of a CA share between cluster nodes such that a client device will pause I/O and resume once the failover has occured. This prevents the traditional error messages we used to receive from being presented to the host and applications. It should be noted that CA requires SMB3 and the share to be set with CA. Disabling CA can result in a faster failover of the witness resource. When it is enabled it could take up to 90 seconds for the quorum timeout window to be reached. When disabled the failover would be immediate.

Can anyone let me know if we can use FileShareWitness in 3 node WSFC cluster on windows 2016. 2 nodes will be in one datacenter and the third node will act as a DR server in another datacenter. Please confirm if we can use Filesharewitness in this type of setup?

  • Creating a new cluster made easy (ish) with Windows Admin CentreLast year I replaced a 3 node VMWare+SAN cluster with a 2 node hyperconverged Hyper-V cluster. I've been quite impressed with it so far so thought I'd write how I did it - especially considering I did the bulk of the work through Windows Admin Centre.Before you decide to sit down and do this, be warned it's not a quick process. If you're in any doubt you should probably consult a vendor who has the Microsoft certified hardware and expertise available before putting this into production - if you're fine with setting up complicated things yourself, or it's for testing, then you're welcome to come along for the ride. You'll no doubt waste co