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Korg Trinity Vst ((NEW))

Looking for some new sounds for your silver synth? These PCGs will fit the bill. No cutting corners here. Each disk is 128 programs AND 128 combinations and take full advantage of the Trinity's modulation sources. Many of these programs will make you say to yourself, "I didn't know my Trinity could make that sound!" So before you go out and buy another synthmodule, check out these sounds first!Currently Pro-Rec offers the following PCG disks:Techno/Rave PCG Sound DiskConsisting of mostly basses, stabs and bleeps this set is perfect for the techno musician. If you are looking for a nasty growling TB303 acid bassline, Program 14 alone, Monster Lead, almost justifies the purchase of this disk. But don't sell yourself short there's plenty left over to play with. Another favorite of mine is, "Indians" (A078). Play some stabs of this sound while adjusting the ribbon level. Don't let the "Rave" part of this sound disk fool you. Although there are some outdated Huge Rave Stabs on this set, there are plenty of timeless dance sounds to keep you busy. I only wish there was more than one drum kit on this PCG.Dance Trinity PCG Sound DiskThis sound set is for the lighter sound of dance music. The sounds are a bit brighter and energetic. Program A043, "piano" is the perfect sound for playing those fast housey staccatos - It's just bright enough to cut through your mix. Hold down the left edge of the ribbon, add some heavy reverb do some light doodling and you are Robert Miles. A044 is great for a nice bouncy baseline. Again, there is only one dance kit, but it's quite useful. Combine the Dance PCG with the Techno/Rave PCG and you have some powerful dance tools in your hands.New Age PCG Sound DiskOne of Korg's best assets in the synth world is their ability to create those luscious pad sounds. This PCG from Pro Rec shows off the trinity's powerful synth engine. If you like ambient / dream music in the vein of Brian Eno, Steve Roach or Michael Sterns, you will love the textured terrain of "new age chorals" (Prog A001) Believe me, this sound disk is not cheesy flutes and harps. This PCG covers the whole spectrum of new age music providing all the material you need to for your next inner journey or alien landing.Filmscape PCG Sound DiskI realize that the definition of ambient and experimental music is very difficult to satisfy everyone, but this PCG should have been called Ambient/Experimental. Although a great deal of the sounds here could be used for a soundtrack, this is definitely a PCG for trying out new things. Unfortunately, most of them rely heavily on effects engine, so be prepared to cough up that insert effect real estate when you copy these sounds to your sequencer. A lot of the patches are very original and refreshing like"Technics" (A071) "Hyper Lows" (A079) and "Squiglers"(A078). There are also some weird sounds like A069, "Q plucks" - What the @#$% is that? There should be a contest to see who could actually use that sound in a song. Some other highlights: Hold down a low C chord on "hollow blows" (A049) for about an hour and you will realize you are just a mere speck in the universe. My favorite sound on this PCG would have be "Stringers" (A104) There's something very powerful about playing that sound with quick stabs. In conclusion, if you are into trying something different, this is a fantastic disk to have. Highly recommended.Pro Rec sells these sounds disks at $44.90 each - well worth the money, but they also offer a bulk special where you can order all 4 disks for $119! note: In order to maintain full compatibility Pro-Rec sounds do not utilize the solo option although a solo sound disk set would be a nice addition to the Trinity sound library. Hint hint.- Trinity Haven

Korg Trinity Vst



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