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Arma 3 Best Sound Mod !!TOP!!

Completely re-made the addon!Further improved optimization by reducing the amount of unneccesary sound effects being playedAdded optional Ultra Performance mode for low-end PCs (Part 4) Install ontop of the rest of the mod to enable. It overwrites the files in the sound_layers folder. It removes the variations that most sounds use so that the amount of sounds being played at once is drasticly reduced.ALL guns (with the exception of about 3-4 that need to be done later) have unique sounds. That includes shotguns, pistols, and smgs which were previously lacking variety.Redone ALL gunshot sounds to remove clipping and distortion resorting from that.-The good: Full auto fire, especially with lots of stalkers shooting, will sound much better. Gunfire will be less grating to listen to because of the clipping.-The "bad": Since all the sound files are no longer maxed out to make them as loud as possible: guns will sound somewhat quieter in general compared to before.-What needs to happen to really "fix" the somewhat quiet sounds is a complete rebalance of all sound files in the game, to make everything else as quiet as they should be so that the guns can be the loudest thing in the game in comparison.-Because I completely redid everything, there will likely be a lot of stuff to tweak in the next versions. If something sounds a bit weak or off, I probably already know about it.-Suppressed sounds are still shared between guns of the same calibers, but that's the way its done in the Original JSRS mod for ARMA that all the sounds are from.

Arma 3 Best Sound Mod

Known Issues:Suppressed shotguns are still needing revampThermite Grenades aren't using the right sound setlots of little stuff that will be adjusted with timeLots of un-used sound files from previous versions are mixed in that need to be removed

FOR MODDERS:I redid a lot of file structure for the sounds for easier editing in SAVandT, less folders in general in _gunfireI edited the weapon_sounds.ltx quite a bit since I had to assign new sounds to all the guns. So any patch that edits that will need to be updated.If you want to add new sounds to the game with this running. I included "wpn_extra_snds" that you can use to config new lines without editing anything in the base mod.There are also a bunch of sounds in the EXTRA folder in sounds/weapons/_gunfire that are good sounds that are currently not configed that you can use if you want to assign unique sounds for any guns you add.

We will be able to modify shooting sounds for specific weapons? I've encountered a problem like this with JSRS and BaS. I am using MO2, and I noticed that even BaS guns have JSRS sounds, I hope that we can edit the sound layers for BaS guns, or there will be a compatibility patch for the sound files

not sure exactly how BaS sounds work, but they probably just use the default sounds which will be edited by this. I was going to create a compatibility patch, but BaS doesn't actually edit the weapon_sounds.ltx so it seems unnecessary. Haven't tested it though.

Does the order of installation matter?(MO2)Some people use BaS and JSRS and the BaS Weapons are keeping their sounds. Does the load order matter? Should I put BaS first and then JSRS? I tried like that too, and it overwritten BaS weapon sounds. You should test it to see it. My opinion. And if you happen to test this and notice the problem, please create a compatibility patch, so that BaS weapons keep tehir own sounds, and are not getting JSRS sounds

The final and ideal solution would be for Anomaly to have a separate audio slider for gunshots and explosions. Until that is ever the case, I simply encourage not cranking decibels up on them, keep them in good balance with in-world ambience levels, and take good attention to which frequencies they operate on. Softer is good - it's the quality and texture of sounds that matter, not their blunt sharpness and volume.

Yeah super easy to do. Look in the file weapon_sounds.ltx in configs/items/weapons. you can search for the m4 and changesnd_silncer_shot = wpn_556_snd_silencedsnd_silncer_shot_actor = wpn_556_snd_silenced_actortosnd_silncer_shot = wpn_545_snd_silencedsnd_silncer_shot_actor = wpn_545_snd_silenced_actor

Hello, love this addon but i encountered a small detail problem. I applied the Blindside Patch for this version, but when I tried emptying a mag for VSS there's no sound that is being played when the chamber is being pulled (I don't know the proper term). This event only happens when I applied the Blindside Patch.Edit: I have AWAR installed.Small things like this bothers me and I don't know why.

[error]Expression : I[error]Function : CInifile::Load::::()::::operator ()[error]File : Xr_ini.cpp[error]Line : 332[error]Description : Can't find include file:[error]Arguments : sound_layers\wpn_AR_sounds.ltx

hI, the other time i was asking another mod author about little lags when using items in his mod, he fixed that problem by precaching the sounds, i don't know how thats done except there is files where you can put a list of sounds somehow make the game precache the sounds, i really think it would solve the lag people are experiencing, i do, because having to load from disk the sounds on the fly creates lag.

JSRS is a sound mod that will change the game soundscape and make the game sounds more immersive. The default explosions or weapon firing might make it sound boring, or repetitive and JSRS tweaks the sounds to be a more movie-like soundscape, giving you the feeling of being on a real battlefield.

Kunduz, Afghanistan mod is just a map mod. But it is in our best mods list because the creator of this map has done a hell of a good job. The visual and landscape in this map are amazing, you have scenery that looks so similar to the documentaries on the US forces in Afghanistan. If you would like to recreate the US fighting the Taliban in the Kunduz region you should download this mod.

Overhaul of Fallout 4 weapon sounds, using assets from the JSRS sound mod for ARMA 3.Changes explosion, impact and richochet sounds and provides a ton of all new weapon sounds (both player and NPC).

To the excitement of many Linux gamers, Feral Interactive announced today the release of Alien: Isolation. However, for now you're best off using the NVIDIA proprietary driver followed by AMD Catalyst while the open-source drivers aren't yet ready.

For years Unigine has been producing some of the best Linux (and Windows) tech demos / benchmarks. Going back to the days when there were few quality games on Linux, they were doing terrific OpenGL tests and stressing Linux GPUs/drivers like crazy. Fortunately, they're going to be working out another test soon.


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