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[S1E7] Friendship Goals

I love that Regina had the space to sort through and process all of this while dealing with everything else, and no one judged her for it. The others, especially Delilah supported her. There is still something about their friendship that I can't place. Sometimes, it feels surface level at best.

[S1E7] Friendship Goals

The season also featured several recurring guest stars. Tom Lipinski appeared in four episodes as Mike's drug-dealing best friend Trevor Evans, whose friendship with Mike deteriorates throughout the season. Vanessa Ray plays Trevor's girlfriend Jenny Griffith in seven episodes. Rebecca Schull plays Edith Ross, Mike's grandmother and caretaker after his parents' deaths, in two episodes. Ben Hollingsworth appears in two episodes as Kyle Durant, Mike's rival and fellow associate, and Max Topplin appears in four episodes as Harold Gunderson, another associate.

Gretchen, however, appears to have a defiant personality, as Sam later discovers through a Techtropolis security footage that she stole a turquoise fitbit from the store. Sam tries to convince Zahid, who is acting as the top manager, while Bob, the real manager, is away on vacation, but Zahid refuses to acknowledge it as a theft. Instead, he marks it down as a shrinkage. After being given some advice on doing the right thing, Sam reports the incident to Bob when he returns from vacation. Enraged, Bob bans Gretchen from the store and puts Zahid on thin ice. Furious, Zahid ends his close friendship with Sam, and he later announces that he is getting married to Gretchen.

At a casino, Sam, Paige, Casey and Abby all track down Zahid, and they try to disrupt Zahid's wedding. Unexpectedly, Gretchen tells them that her ex-boyfriend, Gavin, asked her to get back together again and she agreed, dumping Zahid. In the batting cage room, Zahid is tracked down by Sam and they both reconcile their close friendship, after Sam takes a direct hit from a baseball to defend Zahid, indicating that he is always there for his bro. They even have a ceremony as proof by bump fisting each other to become permanent best friends, despite some of the hardships they face together in the past and in the future.

Like so many others, Hanno usually has good intentions overall, but he performs evil acts, such as killing Erik, Yasin and Mads, to attain his goals. In the Dark world, consequences usually catch up with the characters over time, no matter their intentions.

Star is a very friendly and energetic girl who loves having fun and usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. Strangers, in her eyes, are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always tries to put a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much so that she will sometimes end up greatly sleep-deprived, such as in "Monster Arm".

When they first meet, Star sees Marco as a true friend right away, but she offers to leave when he views her as an intrusion. After he comes to accept her and her presence in his life, however, she declares him as her best friend on Earth. Star, valuing and cherishing their friendship, loves hanging out with Marco and battling monsters with him. His more responsible outlook helps to keep them from getting into too much trouble, and she encourages him to be less cautious and more confident. When she upsets him, she tries her best to make him feel better, though sometimes it makes things worse. She listens to him whenever he tells her something concerning, like when Pony Head threatened him.