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the yorkville is the next amp in line and is the least used but i think it can be the best sounding amp. the yorkville is a very underrated amp. it gives very good tones in a very easy to use package. i am very happy with the yorkville. the yorkville has a very good clean channel that is reminiscent of the fender bluesbreakers. the yorkville is also very versatile and can produce some killer lead tones. the yorkville has a clean channel that is great for blues, jazz and the clean sounds of metal. the yorkville is very versatile. you can go from clean to head crushing sounds in just a few seconds with the yorkville. also, you can go from the yorkville to the duncan and get great jazz sounds. try it and if you dont like it, you can go back to the yardbirds. the yorkville works very well with pedals but it should not be relied on solely. the yorkville is best used with the behringer x-bass pedals, especially the x-big pedal.

Katana ZERO Full Crack [hacked]l

the amplifire is actually a 2 channel amp, but since this is a 2 man line up, i am talking about the channels together as one. this amp has great clean channel. the clean channel is very much like the red sun amp. a lot of players swear by this amp and no one seems to have a bad thing to say about this amp. the amplitude response is very solid without being too fat or thin. the tone of the amp is very bright. most reviewers will say that this amp does not produce the classics, but personally, i think it can produce just about anything from alt tunes like such as a tool to metal. this amp is very very versatile. the amp has 2 channels. the clean channel is similar to the ampeg with a very tight sound and great sustain. the hot channel is a very crunchy amp. this amp is not for anyone looking for classics. a lot of people swear by this amp and no one seems to have a bad thing to say about this amp.


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