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wow p41, that was some hate your spewed there. I agree that redneck white people should all be eliminated from the breeding pool, but your generalization of white people and soldiers is akin to a redneck's generalization of blacks.

how about this racist. just 50 years ago racist rednecks were water hosing blacks on the street because they wanted to vote. If MLK was a womanizer, so what? you are a racist pig who probably enjoyed watching blacks get brutalized by rednecks.

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Near her a man leaned against the fence. He was red-headed, and hisunkempt hair and ragged beard flamed in the sun. A rope tied round hiswaist kept up his loose trousers, and his shirt was open, disclosing ahairy chest. Where his skin showed, it was unexpectedly white. He keptplucking at his chest, smiling idiotically.

The founding fathers were not infallible. Look, they didn't even allow women to vote, they allowed slavery to exist and only counted blacks as three-fifths of a person. All of these things sound ludicrous to a modern ear. 041b061a72


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