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Fit a 42mm or 1-5/8" socket over the hex cartridge retainer nut and with your socket wrench, turn counterclockwise to loosen the nut. In my case, it took the use of a "breaker bar" that I normally use for tire changing. You might be tempted to use an adjustable wrench or "Channel-Lock" type pliers, but I'd recommend against it. Feel free to try them at first if you don't have the socket. I would definitely recommend against Vise-Grip type locking pliers here, as there isn't much to grip and you might deform the nut. If you find that the faucet base rotates, you can swivel the spout all the way to the left and apply pressure to hold it in place.

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Replace the chrome plastic cap - see picture above for orientation. Push the handle onto the valve stem and secure with the screw (use the new one if you like). I suggest at this point you make sure the handle moves freely and doesn't bind. Turn the water back on and check for proper operation. If everything is satisfactory, reinstall the "KWC" logo cap over the screw and you're done!

Sparks Direct delivers via courier to the UK only; the standard delivery charge is 6 + VAT for all orders under 100 + VAT. If your order is over 120, you get free delivery (unless there's a special delivery charge for the items you wish to order or you're in shipping zone C or D). Full details for shipping charges can be found via Terms and Conditions.


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