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Facebook Chat On My Phone !!HOT!!

If you're getting messages on the Facebook website but not on your phone, it may be a problem with your connection. Disconnect and reconnect your Wi-Fi from the settings page, under "Wireless & Networks." Check that you're connected to the correct Wi-Fi network; you may be connected to a public Wi-Fi network that requires you agree to terms before you can access the Internet. You can also disconnect and reconnect your data connection, using the "Mobile Networks" section of the "Wireless & Networks" page.

facebook chat on my phone

If you haven't set the Google Play store to update apps automatically, you may have missed a crucial Messenger update. Open the Google Play store on your device and tap the Settings button. Choose "My Apps." If you're not running the most recent version of Messenger, it'll be listed under "Updates." Tap the app and select "Update." Also check the settings on your Messenger app, to ensure that you've set up notifications -- its possible that your messages are arriving, but that your phone isn't sending notifications.

If this is a new problem, it may be a temporary error. Turn your phone off and turn the phone back on to clear it out and start fresh. Once the phone has restarted, open up the Messenger app and initiate a conversation to test that it's working properly.

Facebook is splitting the messenger feature into a separate app for several reasons. First, apps are operated differently from the web version. Hence, it requires a different strategy. The strategy behind the splitting is to dominate one's attention on their smartphone.

Splitting the messenger feature into another app will improve the user experience and the time spent on Facebook. Little wonder people get addicted to the app. It can dominate the user's smartphone and hold their attention.