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GTR Evolution Expansion Pack For RACE 07 Downlo...

GTR Evolution is an expansion pack to Race 07 developed by SimBin Studios (later Sector3 Studios), published by Atari in Europe and Viva Media in the United States. It was released worldwide for digital download on Steam on September 1, 2008. It is also available for purchase in many countries in a DVD boxed version.[1][2][3]

GTR Evolution Expansion Pack for RACE 07 Downlo...

GTR Evolution adds several new cars, such as Audi R8 or Koenigsegg CCX, and tracks including variants of Nürburgring.[4] Overall, the game has around 20 real-world tracks, along with different car variations separated in 12 classes.[5] There is a newly added Arcade mode, which doesn't include qualifying races.[6] The weather during the matches is dynamic, and can change from rain to sunlight.[7] A steering wheel with force feedback is supported with a number of customization settings (button assignments, strength of the feedback, dead zone). Each of the vehicles has individual characteristics that is visible while driving. As well as a cockpit view, a helmet perspective is used in some cases like Formula 3000.[8] After the installation, GTR Evolution can be played either as a standalone expansion or as a full game that contains Race 07.[9]

GTR Evolution serves as both an expansion to Race 07: Official WTCC Game or as a stand-alone game that includes Race 07. The roster of unique cars has been expanded to 49, and vehicles come in more than 500 variations distributed across 12 different classes. There are 26 brand new Grand Touring models, including exclusive production cars, and racers can take their machines around more than 40 configurations of 19 tracks. Players can also try out extreme concept cars that pack more than 600hp and weigh less than 2,500lbs.

Race 07 is a racing simulator computer game from SimBin Studios. The game is the sequel to the 2006 title Race - The Official WTCC Game. Like the original Race, the title is officially licensed by the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). It has since spawned three expansion packs: GTR Evolution, STCC - The Game and Race On. 041b061a72


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