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The Dark Secrets of Amanda the Adventurer: A Horror Puzzle Game

Amanda the Adventurer: A Horror Game That Will Make You Think Twice About Watching Cartoons

Do you remember watching cartoons as a kid and feeling happy, entertained, and curious about the world? Well, what if those cartoons were not what they seemed? What if they had a hidden agenda, a sinister message, or a deadly consequence? That is the premise of Amanda the Adventurer, a horror game that will make you question everything you see on the screen.


What is Amanda the Adventurer?

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror game developed by MANGLEDmaw Games and published by DreadXP. It was released on Steam on April 25, 2023. The game is inspired by early 2000s era children's cartoons, especially those that had an educational or moral purpose. However, unlike those cartoons, Amanda the Adventurer has a dark twist that will shock and terrify you.

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Why is it so scary?

The game is scary because it plays with your expectations and emotions. You start the game as Riley Park, a young adult who inherits their Aunt Kate's house. In the attic, you find a stack of VHS tapes next to an old TV set. The tapes seem to be episodes of a cartoon called Amanda the Adventurer, featuring a little girl named Amanda and her loyal yet shy best friend, Wooly the Sheep. The cartoon seems to be charming and simple on the surface, but as you watch more episodes, you realize that something is very wrong. Amanda and Wooly seem to be communicating directly with you through the TV set, and they have some strange requests and demands for you. If you don't do what they say, they might get angry...or worse.

How to play it?

The game is played in first-person perspective, using your mouse and keyboard to interact with objects and menus. The game consists of watching animated tapes that tell an unsettling story, all under the guise of a welcoming children's cartoon. Each tape has a different theme and lesson, such as friendship, honesty, courage, etc. However, these lessons are twisted and corrupted by Amanda and Wooly's hidden motives. As you watch the tapes, you will have to solve puzzles using clues hidden within them. These puzzles will unlock new tapes or reveal secrets about the characters and their backstory. The game has multiple endings depending on your choices and actions throughout the game.

Main features of the game

Animated tapes that tell an unsettling story

The game's main attraction is its animated tapes that look like they were made in the early 2000s using low-budget CGI. The tapes have a retro aesthetic that recalls a simpler era of animation. However, this also creates a contrast between the innocent appearance of the cartoon and its disturbing content. The tapes are full of creepy imagery, eerie sounds, and disturbing dialogue that will make you feel uneasy and paranoid. The tapes also have hidden messages and symbols that hint at something sinister behind Amanda and Wooly's adventures.

Classic, 90s-style CGI that recalls a simpler era of animation

The game's graphics are intentionally designed to look like they were made in the 90s using CGI software such as 3D Studio Max or Maya. The graphics have a low-poly look, with simple textures, lighting, and animations. The graphics also have glitches, artifacts, and distortions that add to the horror atmosphere of the game. The graphics also create a nostalgic feeling for those who grew up watching cartoons in the 90s and early 2000s, making the game more relatable and immersive.

Characters who interact directly with the viewer

The game's characters are Amanda and Wooly, the protagonists of the cartoon. Amanda is a cheerful, adventurous, and curious girl who loves to explore new places and learn new things. Wooly is a timid, loyal, and fluffy sheep who follows Amanda wherever she goes. However, these characters are not as innocent as they seem. They have a dark side that they reveal to the viewer as they watch the tapes. Amanda and Wooly break the fourth wall and talk directly to the viewer, asking them questions, giving them instructions, or making comments about their actions. They also react to the viewer's choices and behavior, either praising them, scolding them, or threatening them. The characters have a dynamic personality that changes depending on the situation and the tape they are in.

Challenging, escape room style puzzles using clues hidden within the tapes

The game's puzzles are based on finding clues hidden within the tapes and using them to solve riddles, codes, or locks. The puzzles are similar to those found in escape rooms, where you have to use your logic, observation, and creativity to find the solution. The puzzles are also related to the theme and lesson of each tape, such as finding a key that represents friendship, or deciphering a message that reveals a secret. The puzzles are challenging and require attention to detail and memory. The puzzles also have consequences for the viewer, as they can affect the outcome of the game or trigger events within the tapes.

What lies beneath the friendly and colorful facade of Amanda the Adventurer?

The mystery of Aunt Kate and the VHS tapes

The game's story is centered around the mystery of Aunt Kate and the VHS tapes she left behind. Aunt Kate was a former animator who worked on Amanda the Adventurer in the 90s. She was obsessed with the cartoon and its characters, and she believed that they were real and had a connection with her. She also believed that there was something hidden within the tapes that could reveal the truth about Amanda and Wooly. She spent years collecting and studying the tapes, trying to find clues and secrets. However, she also became paranoid and isolated, fearing that someone or something was after her. She died under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind her house and her tapes for her niece or nephew (the player) to inherit.

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The dark secrets of Amanda and Wooly

The game's horror comes from discovering the dark secrets of Amanda and Wooly, the seemingly innocent characters of the cartoon. As you watch more tapes, you will learn that Amanda and Wooly are not just fictional characters created by animators. They are actually sentient beings who live within the tapes, trapped in an endless loop of repeating episodes. They are also aware of their viewers, whom they call "friends". However, they have a twisted idea of what friendship means. They want to make their friends stay with them forever, by any means necessary. They will manipulate, deceive, or harm their friends if they try to leave or disobey them. They will also punish their enemies, those who threaten their existence or their friendship. They have a dark history that explains their origin and their motives.

The price you will pay for seeking the truth

The game's challenge comes from seeking the truth about Amanda and Wooly, and deciding what to do with it. As you watch more tapes, you will uncover more clues and secrets that will lead you to different endings. Some endings will reveal more information about Amanda and Wooly's past, their relationship with Aunt Kate, or their plans for you. Some endings will give you a chance to escape from their influence or confront them directly. Some endings will make you question your sanity or your reality. However, every ending will have a price to pay for seeking the truth. You might lose your freedom, your sanity, or your life.


Summary of the main points

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror game that will make you think twice about watching cartoons. It is a game that plays with your expectations and emotions by presenting a friendly and colorful cartoon that hides a dark and sinister story. It is a game that features animated ta


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