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Aan Men At Work Movie Free Download 720p

Two garbage men with dreams of opening a surf shop (Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez) stumble upon the dead body of a local politician in a drum -- a man who Sheen coincidentally shot the night before with a pellet gun. Not wanting to get blamed for the murder, the two men (along with another co-worker, played by Keith David) kidnap a pizza man, capture a girlfriend's heart and unravel corruption.When you watch this movie, it screams that it's from the cusp of the 80s and 90s. The poofy hair, the jeans and everything... and especially the women's outfits. That's a look that was hard to pull off much beyond the 1980s (and thankfully so). So if you like 80s films, especially ones with Charlie Sheen, this is one you'll like.There's not much more to say than that -- there's not a deep plot, huge jokes or intense action. It really relies on Sheen and Estevez (with Estevez's writing and directing) to make you interested. For some, like myself, that works. If not, you're going to think this is just another stupid movie that you see on a Saturday afternoon flipping through channels. I admit, it's not nearly as good as "The Chase".But hey, you have Keith David ("They Live"), one of the weirdest looking tough guys in Hollywood. You have two white rastafarians who have a running theme of encountering fecal matter in their locker. And you have the mysterious love affair between Sheen and the politician's girlfriend. Let me go on about that a moment.So this chick's boyfriend is murdered. She doesn't know he's dead yet, just thinks he's not home, but begins to be romantic with Sheen anyway (who she's just met under false pretenses). I understand the powers of the Sheen, but this chick really has loyalty issues. Kissing some dude you don't know when you're currently dating a powerful politician? Not much later, when she finds out who Sheen really is and finds out her boyfriend is a corpse, she has only minor issues with this (overcome in 30 seconds). I know it's a movie, but my goodness -- I know who not to trust.But yeah, that's it -- Sheen, Estevez and Keith David in an early 1990s movie. You may find that worthwhile. There's also a really good message in there about fighting corruption and pollution, as the politician is something like Paul Wellstone, but Estevez never wrote that deep of a script so it's really only a marginal issue and almost becomes more of a joke than anything.

Aan Men At Work Movie Free Download 720p

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