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While academic institutions in developed countries were able to move quickly to online education, LDCs were unable to make the switch due to a lack of the necessary logistics, technological tools, and skills.

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The best way to meet the growing demand for higher education at scale in an efficient, cost-effective, and resilient way is to rapidly build online education infrastructure in LDCs. A new UNESCO global survey on the impact of COVID-19 on higher education reveals that strong national efforts, supported by the international community, are urgently needed to develop online universities in LDCs.

During the side event, Member States, international organizations, civil society groups, the private sector and youth representatives discussed the political and financial support needed to establish an online event.

Towards the end of the process, Esa will attach a piece of prepared goatskin to the larger chamber, only then moving on to the upper portion. After inlaying the final pieces of mother-of-pearl, following one of the six designs selected by the customer, the instrument will undergo a final thorough polishing phase before moving on to the last stage: the tuning, when the rabab produces its first sounds. 041b061a72


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