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Download Half Life 2 Orange Box PC: The Ultimate Bundle of Five Valve Games

The Orange Box is a compilation of video game which comprises of five different games created by Valve. The games included are half-life 2 and the first-ever extension called episode one. The first episode had already been released earlier separately. Three new games were added in the compilation called the second version of stand-alone expanded, 2nd episode of half-life 2, and portal the very famous puzzle game as well as the team fortress 2.

download half life 2 orange box pc

Throughout the board, all the games included in The Orange Box are played from the perspective of the first person. Out of five, almost four are first-person players. Portal is an exceptional cases as it a puzzle game. In the game called half-life 2 and its extensions, the player has to find their way through several levels in the game that are open-ended, exploding through the human and mutant foes as the Gordon Freeman. All the games included in this compilation have very interesting gameplay which is rarely ending. The gamers are glued to the screen while they play each of these games.

Thus, out of all five games that are incorporated in The Orange Box, the maximum of the storyline emerges from half-life 2 and its extensions. The best three-game sequence is followed by Gordon Freeman who is a scientist who wakes her from a cry sleep in a wire that is governed by a devilish empire called Combine. Happening after a period the happenings of the authentic game occur, Gordon tries to appoint as well as empower a team of fighters for overthrowing the combine and reclamation of the freedom of Earth. There is an important amount of complication in the plot of the game, so the fans of Sci-fi are going to enjoy playing this game.

Hello good afternoon, I just installed the game but I can't access the different games it includes, that is, these:-Half-Life 2: Episode One-Half-Life 2: Episode Two-Half-Life 2: Lost Coast-PortalI can only enter the original game "Half-Life 2" from the executable file .exe of the original game half life 2 in the root of the game but not its extensions so to speak mentioned above, or how can it be accessed? The 5 shortcuts for each game that the game creates on the desktop after installation do not work. Thank you.

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